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Project Board Instructions

We are using Project Boards to help organize and prioritize our work.

Column NameColumn Definition
To doAn issue or task that needs to be completed or addressed. Newly added issues will automatically be moved here.
In progressNewly added pull requests and re-opened pull requests/issues will automatically be moved here.
Review in progressPull requests will automatically be moved here when a reviewer requests changes, or when it doesn't meet the minimum of 2 approving reviews.
Reviewer approvedPull requests will automatically be moved here when they have a minimum of 2 approving reviews.
DoneA pull request that has been reviewed and merged into the master branch or a pull request/issue that has been closed.
Label NameLabel Definition
5 min fixFixable in 5 minutes or less.
area: back-endBack-end related.
area: CI/CDGitHub Actions
area: deploymentProduction or Staging deployment.
area: dockerDocker related.
area: front-endFront-end related.
area: redisRedis Database related.
area: ssoSingle Sign-On related.
area: toolsTools related.
area: web serverWeb server related.
BlockedThis issue or pull request is being blocked.
developer experienceHelping the Developer Experience.
duplicateThis issue or pull request already exists.
good first issueGood for newcomers.
has-PRThis issue has a standing PR.
help wantedExtra attention is needed.
invalidThis doesn't seem right.
priority: p1Urgent.
questionFurther information is requested.
type: bugSomething isn't working.
type: discussionA discussion to make something clear or make a decision. It could be broken down into many issues later.
type: enhancementNew feature or request.
type: nice to haveFeature that would be nice to have, but not a priority.
type: testCreation or development of test.
wontfixThis will not be worked on.